6'4", male, human, NADF, Asgard, Serano's brother


Jukares Santana DeRahn grew up with his brother Serano, and adopted Nova sister Purity. He joined the New Angela Defense Force shortly after his siblings.

All three siblings were deployed to Syrune to repel Asgard’s invasion; while there, Jukares was corrupted by Asgard, and betrayed his siblings and NADF. This resulted in Serano’s death, and Jukares’ estrangement from Purity.
Jukares was then converted into an Asgardian Core, and met Purity again outside the gates of Glacial Pride. She ripped the Core circuitry from his body, and blasted an intense love of Novas into his mind.

Jukares was later taken back in by Asgard, and converted into a Hunter. He was deployed to the Asgard-controlled world of Akarahm, where he met a young Content Not Found: Vega_ and adopted her. This act of kindness put a crack in Asgard’s control over Jukares, a crack which grew as he stayed with Vega.
Jukares later adopted another Nova, a Type 2 horse named _Content Not Found: Cepheus

16 years after the fall of Syrune, Asgard invaded New Angela, and was defeated. This rattled Asgard’s control over Jukares still further.
A few months after the defeat at New Angela, Jukares was deployed to quell a planetary rebellion against Asgard. There, he met up with a horse Elite named Content Not Found: Gem and her Hunter squad.

Asgard ordered the two Hunter squads into a place where they and their commanders would almost certainly be killed; Gem and Jukares made the difficult decision to disobey orders, preserving their lives and their squads while still furthering Asgard’s goals. After this, Jukares left his Hunter squad for a while, to gather his thoughts and make sense of everything. He recognized this world as Syrune.

Content Not Found: Ceriea used Sunstrike to free Jukares completely from Asgard’s control. Jukares was angry at the risks Ceriea had taken in doing so, but then discovered his brother Serano alive, well, and working with the resistance. Jukares joined the resistance to fight off Asgard, and was forced to fight against Gem. The two fought to a standstill, and Gem managed to break Asgard’s control enough that she didn’t have to continue the fight against Jukares.

Jukares was then attacked by the Asgardian Core on Syrune, who he defeated. Jukares made a plan to return to Asgard, and then have Serano get him and his Novas out again. Serano agreed, and Jukares boarded an Asgardian troopship.
Ceriea was furious when she learned that Serano had let Jukares return to Asgard, and sent him off through time and space before she realized that in doing so, she had removed Jukares’ only hope of escape from Asgard.

Jukares and Gem returned to Asgard, and Jukares made a promise to rescue Gem from her life of slavery to Asgard. Before he could make good on this promise, Asgard sounded a terminate notice on Jukares, and he had to flee in a stolen Asgardian jet. He didn’t now that this terminate notice was due to Asgard having implanted a Elite mind control chip in Vega, and discovered Jukares’ disloyalty in her memories.

Jukares was shot down, but fell through a dimensional portal; his jet crashed on the other side, crippling Jukares. He salvaged a bent pipe for use as a cane, and then set about repairing his jet in the hopes that he could stay ahead of Asgard.

Vega was sent to hunt for Jukares, and the two of them met in Content Not Found: Everlight’s tavern and inn, the Black Gryphon. Vega killed Jukares, but he managed to trounce the Grim Reaper and cling to reality as a spirit.

In this spirit form, he recognized his brother, and ran to embrace him. Jukares charged Serano to take care of Vega, while Jukares himself went to rescue Cepheus and Gem from Asgard.


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