5'2", female canine Nova, Jukares & Serano's sister, NADF


Purity was adopted as a puppy by the DeRahn family, and was treated as a sister for the two boys, Serano and Jukares. Like her brothers, she’s tough, fast, and well versed in martial arts and the use of firearms. When Serano joined the New Angela Defense Force, so did Purity and then Jukares.

Purity became more than a sister for Serano; they two of them fell deeply in love, only to be separated by Serano’s death on Syrune. Purity went berserk with rage, and nearly killed Jukares over the betrayal.

When Purity returned home to New Angela, she was driven almost completely out of her mind by the loss of her two brothers, even though she still hated Jukares. The deeds to the DeRahn house weren’t in her name, so rather than try to fight both the legal battle and the grief, she went to the Nova shelter, where she was put in cryogenic stasis after her memories were erased.

When she was adopted by Content Not Found: Andrew-Byrdsson_ and awoken from stasis, she remembered nothing of her “past life”, and took the name _Content Not Found: Glitta


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