6'2", male, human, NADF Captain, Jukares' brother


Serano is Jukares’ older brother; like all DeRahns, he’s abnormally strong and quick-thinking for a human.

He was a captain in the New Angela Defense Force, who fought against Asgard on Syrune until he was betrayed and killed by Jukares.
Serano was later resurrected by the AI core Content Not Found: FAWKES, and began to fight against Asgard from inside. Jukares later rediscovered him working with the planetary resistance on Syrune.

Serano is deeply in love with the canine Nova the DeRahn family adopted—Purity. She reciprocates this love for Serano. More than once, Jukares has had to handle things while Serano and Purity hugged, kissed, and otherwise got romantic.


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