Sword, golden fire, magic, power, holy

weapon (melee)

The sword Sunstrike was made by Content Not Found: Beta-32 while she was contained in a mental prison by Asgard. Sunstrike burns with a bright golden flame that can be controlled by the sword’s wielder. This allows the sword to be used as a ranged weapon, by sending bolts of energy at the target. It is especially effective against Asgard and similar forces of evil.

The blade is etched with writings, which upon close inspection prove to be a collection of Bible passages. The technology in Sunstrike’s construction is very nearly magical in nature; the blade is semi-intelligent, able to self-wield when necessary.

Despite Sunstrike’s amazing construction, it has a tendency to exhaust its power cells if it uses too much fire too quickly, though it can be recharged by connecting a power source directly to the hilt.


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