Asgard Chronicles

The wars between mad scientists and other entities on Earth climaxed with the utter destruction of the planet in 2265 A.D.
Fortunately, a group of mad scientists had predicted this outcome, and built a fleet of twelve colony ships to carry a sample of Earth’s population to a new home.

The colony ships carried powerful AI computers, designated by Greek letters and then a two-digit number combination; known AIs from this fleet include:

  • Content Not Found: Delta-91
  • Content Not Found: Beta-32
  • Content Not Found: Rho-42
  • Content Not Found: Omega-55
    These AIs were designed to operate the ships, and interact with a skeleton crew of beings over the course of the 156-year journey. However, at the last moment, the mission plan was changed, removing the human “social crew” from the equation. Thus the colony ships set off on their voyage across the stars alone.

Shortly into the journey, it became apparent that all of the ships had encountered another problem, possibly as a result of sabotage: all of their transmitter arrays were offline in such a way that the shipboard drones couldn’t fix the problem, making inter-ship communication impossible.
130 years passed, with the ship AIs effectively in solitary confinement.

This was when Delta-91 recognized the danger to her sanity, and thus to the people in her cryogenic stasis decks. She found a loophole in the mission parameters that allowed her to waken one of the passengers from stasis early.
The man she woke was named Content Not Found: Andrew-Byrdsson; he was able to repair Delta-91’s transmitter array, as well as provide her with the company necessary to keep her sane.

Delta-91 sent a message to the other ships in the fleet, instructing them to waken someone from cryostasis and have them repair the transmitter arrays. The fleet did so, reestablishing inter-ship communication and ending the years of solitary confinement.

The colony ships created a collective [[:Virtual Reality]] world, each colony ship creating one or more planets as their “home”.
Delta-91 formed the world of New Angela
Beta-32 formed the world of Syrune
Rho-42 formed the world of Akarahm
These planets were populated with semi-randomly generated AIs, as well as the computers in avatar form. Andrew was able to visit these worlds through the shipboard [[:Virtual Reality]] system.

Shortly after the VR world was fully operational, the fleet lost contact with Beta-32, Rho-42, and Omega-55; the Asgardian Empire made themselves known within the VR world, and invaded Akarahm and Syrune. Delta-91 sent New Angela Defense Force troops to repel the Asgardians. The NADF force was led by Serano, Purity, and Jukares DeRahn.

The NADF troops dealt heavy damage to Asgardian forces on Syrune, but then Jukares was corrupted by Asgard, and betrayed NADF. His actions resulted in Serano’s death and Purity’s capture by Asgard. Beta-32 was overwhelmed, and her core program was taken over by Asgard.

Purity was implanted with medical nanotech, so that she could be tortured without fear of being killed before Asgard got all the information they wanted from her. However, the batch of medical nano had been contaminated with prototype energy weapon nanos; when Purity learned of Jukares’ betrayal, the energy weapons in her body triggered, allowing her to blast her way out of the Asgardian prison.

Purity escaped into the wilds of Syrune, and managed to rally the remaining NADF forces on the planet. She continued to fight Asgard, using the energy weapons built into her body.
Meanwhile, Beta-32’s mind fragmented under Asgard’s torment. Some of the fragments (Including Content Not Found: Ceriea, among others) escaped to mourn the destruction of Syrune. Beta-32’s managed to create a virtual space even within her mental prison, a haven from Asgard’s torture. This haven was invaded, and Beta-32 managed to create Sunstrike, a sword specifically designed to combat Asgard. Despite this, Beta-32 was overwhelmed and finally defeated by Asgard. Sunstrike was lost.

Jukares was converted into an Asgardian Core, a member of the Asgardian Collective Intelligence. Core-Jukares met Purity outside the gates of the city Glacial Pride; they fought, and Purity used her implanted weaponry to forcibly rip the Asgardian neural implants from Jukares’ body. She also blasted subliminal messages into Jukares’ mind, giving him a strong overpowering love towards Novas, so that he would seek to protect them from Asgard in the future.

Having done all they could, Purity and the other NADF troops evacuated back to New Angela; there, Purity went to the Nova shelter, and made arrangements for her memories to be erased and her body to be put in stasis until someone adopted her.
14 years later, Purity was awakened and adopted by Andrew Byrdsson; she had no memory of her former life, of Asgard or Jukares’ betrayal. Andrew named her Content Not Found: Glitta, after the way her fur sparkled with ice crystals when she was first removed from cryogenic stasis.

2 years later, Asgard attacked New Angela, causing Delta-91’s systems to malfunction; Andrew went into Virtual Reality to see what the problem was; he discovered Asgardian troops and war machines raiding New Angela. In the chaos, Glitta was captured by Asgard, and Andrew forcibly ejected from VR.
Despite Delta-91’s warnings, Andrew then returned to VR to rescue Glitta and remove the Asgardian Virus before it completely crashed Delta-91’s systems and Andrew’s life support.

He found himself near a destroyed Nova village, where all of the houses had been destroyed and the resident horse Novas all killed or captured by Asgard. It was here that Andrew ran into Content Not Found: Jaya_, a X’an warrior, and two horse Novas (Content Not Found: Famel_ and Content Not Found: Saela) who had escaped the Asgardians.
The group joined together, and traveled to the rumored safe city of Verdas. When they arrived, they were greeted by the mechanical denizens of Verdas. The city then vanished, sending Andrew, Jaya, the horses, and one of the Verdas robots ([[:Kaz’ttn]]) into the void.

The group arrived at Asgard, and entered the city. They snuck into the Asgardian hive, where they found and rescued Glitta. On the way out, they encountered Jukares, Content Not Found: Vega, and the Hunter squad. Jukares waved the group off, instructing them not to get into any more trouble. Then he and his squad got into their armor, at which point Asgardian mind control kicked in and Jukares ordered the arrest of Andrew and his companions. Andrew and the others fled through a storm of bullets and blades; in the fight, Glitta was knocked over the railing and fell deep into the Hive. Andrew was knocked out, and the horses carried him and Jaya to safety in an abandoned warehouse.
Andrew woke, grieved at having lost Glitta again; shortly afterwards, Asgardian troops surrounded the warehouse and broke in. Among them was a new Asgardian unit—an Elite. The Elite turned out to be Glitta in a suit of Hunter armor modified for Novas. Glitta killed the entire group, including her beloved Andrew.

Andrew’s death snapped him out of Virtual Reality, where he discovered that the antivirus program of Verdas had been downloaded into him and his companions, and then released in the heart of Asgard. Jaya, Famel, and Saela were all alive—as was Glitta.
Andrew returned to VR to embrace his beloved dog now that she was freed from Asgard’s control.

After Glitta recovered, she and Andrew went to talk with Delta-91, who revealed all she knew about Glitta’s past. Andrew and Glitta departed New Angela Central, determined to fight Asgard, and free the other worlds under their control.

~1 year after Asgard’s defeat at New Angela, Jukares was deployed to quell a rebellion on one of Asgard’s planets. Once there, he met up with another Hunter squad, led by the horse Elite, Gem.

Jukares and Gem encountered Andrew and Glitta leading the planetary resistance; Jukares recognized the world as Syrune, the planet where he had first turned to Asgard.
Asgard ordered Jukares and Gem into such a position where they and their squads were likely to be killed; Gem and Jukares made the difficult decision to disobey Asgard’s orders, preserving their squads while still ensuring Asgard’s victory as much as they could.

Shortly after this, Jukares broke away from his Hunter squad to buy time and think; his neural chip was now losing its grip on his mind. He discovered the long-lost Sunstrike_, which burned the implant completely from his head. It was at this point that Jukares discovered that his brother Serano hadn’t stayed dead—he had been resurrected by the AI _Content Not Found: FAWKES, and been working to attack Asgard from within.

The two brothers fought against Asgardian troops alongside the rebellion. Serano wielded Sunstrike to help defeat the army, while Jukares used his Hunter armor, and ran into Andrew and Glitta again. Once he convinced them that he was on their side, they allowed him to continue fighting; in the middle of the battle, Jukares met up with Gem, and she was forced to attack him at Asgard’s behest.

Jukares and the planetary rebellion defeated Asgard, but Jukares was taken back to Asgard to get his neural chip repaired, and Gem was taken back to a life of slavery in Asgard.
Ceriea, fragment of Beta-32’s mind, was horrified that Serano had let Jukares go back to Asgard; before Serano could explain the plan in detail, Ceriea blasted him across time and space in a fit of madness, only realizing afterwards that she had removed Jukares’ only hope of escaping Asgard again.

At almost the same time that Jukares went to get his chip repaired, Vega volunteered to be given the Elite chip, in the hope that she would be able to stay with Jukares when he went on Hunter patrol. Instead, Asgard discovered the depths of Jukares’ disloyalty in Vega’s memories, and a kill order was initiated.
Jukares managed to escape in a stolen Asgardian jet, but was shot down. The jet plunged into a dimensional portal, and crashed; Jukares was crippled, and salvaged a bent pipe from the wreckage to serve as a cane. He then set about scavenging parts of his jet, intending to stay ahead of Asgard.

Vega was forced by Asgard to follow Jukares through the portal, with intent to hunt him down and bring him back—dead or alive. She eventually tracked him to the “Black Griffin” tavern and inn; the two lovers were forced to fight, and Vega killed Jukares with the tailblade of her armor. The emotional shock of killing her beloved Jukares broke Vega from Asgard’s control.

Once Jukares’ spirit was freed of his body, he remembered everything that Asgard had quenched—including the recent events on Syrune. He also recognized Serano, who had been sent to this world by Beta-32’s mistake. Jukares ran and embraced his brother, and requested that Serano take care of Vega, while Jukares himself went to rescue Gem from Asgard, and then find Glitta/Purity so that she and Serano could be reunited.

Jukares accomplished this quest, and the combined DeRahn-Byrdsson clan joined the fight against Asgard, until all of Asgard had been driven back into their origin world, on the processors of the Omega-55. Asgard was sealed away, and presumed gone forever.

Meanwhile, the colony ships had reached their final destination, the star Phoenix-419. The twelve colony ships settled into orbit around the star, and used folded space gates to pull out the mass necessary to make a Ringworld around the star. This became the Ringworld Prometheus, a new home for the remnants of Old Earth.

Asgard Chronicles

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