The dimension of “hell” (AKA heck, the pit, Etc.) rests between two semi-infinite plains of stone—the ceiling and floor. Pillars connect the two and support the ceiling, though it is unknown whether this is actually necessary.
There are no walls; go far enough in any direction, and you’ll loop around by portal.

The light in hell is sourceless and gives virtually no heat. It cycles between day and night, but the transitional period is almost nonexistent. It’s either on or off, with very little dimming or brightening between.

Practically nothing except the denizens lives in hell; certain fungi and low-light plants can survive if cared for, as can animals.

The denizens tend to avoid the ground “floor” of hell, instead keeping to the spires and platforms. The platforms span the hellscape between pillars at varying altitudes, and are strong enough to build houses and cities on. Because of the sourceless light, the platforms do not cast shadows on the ground below, and are in fact virtually invisible from below.

The ground in hell is a vast, flat wasteland of rock, broken occasionally by stone spires, support pillars, lava lakes and rivers, and “evil water”—an animate, glowing green liquid that will dissolve and attempt to devour anything or anyone which touches it.

  • Fire and Earth- elemental denizens will occasionally move down to the plains, and stay there, usually underground.
  • Air and Water elementals prefer to stay up high on the spires; fog nets and magic draw in tiny amounts of water vapor from the air, creating flyable air currents in the process.
  • All other denizens will tend to stick to the platforms and spires.


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