Scylla is built in Pan Dimension, and serves as a massive dimensional cross-point, where beings from all corners of existence can come to do business, travel, and more.

[[:Scyllan tech]] takes technology and even magic from across dimensions, combines it, and often improves on it. (That which Scylla doesn’t improve doesn’t need improvement, as the saying goes)

A vast networked computer system runs throughout Scylla. This computer network, combined with other [[:Scyllan tech | Scyllan technologies]] allows for:

  • instantaneous translation between almost any beings in face-to-face conversation; once their languages are known, the computer can translate the sounds (as well as gestures and many other communication forms) in real time, through use of Content Not Found: holograms and directed audio.
  • Faster-than-Light communication with any specified being or place in Scylla, and many beings or places outside of Scylla as well.
  • Shopping or navigational advice, merely by asking the computer network
  • Instant climate adjustment, such that any being can specify their ideal temperature, humidity, and other climate factors, which can then be matched in a small bubble around them, through use of [[:force fields]]. In the event that the Scyllan Computer Network is unable to match the specified environ, it will direct the being to a location in Scylla where the entire climate is more suitable.
  • Teleportation from and to almost any location, through the Scyllan Teleportation Network
  • Etc.

Scylla is an infinite construct, thanks to the use of pure Pan Dimensional real estate. Ordinarily, the immense size of Scylla would be impossible to maintain in the flux of Pan Dimension, however Scylla is quite stable.
Although infinite, the Scylla complex is divided into separate zones for easier classification. These zones shift in size and shape like an immense living thing, and are thus very difficult to map. Basic zones include:

  • Zone 1: The primary business, travel, and temporary residence area in Scylla. Zone 1 is for those who are “passing through” Scylla, however long it takes them to do so. There are apartments and other housing in Zone 1, but these aren’t considered “permanent residents”
  • Zone 2: This area is for the permanent residents of Scylla, a group who is regarded as crazy even by those familiar with the madness of Zone 1. Zone 2 shifts and changes even faster than Zone 1, mostly due to the constant repairs necessitated by the resident’s squabbles with each other—squabbles and fights that involve magic, advanced weaponry, and dragons.
  • The Biosphere: a collection of artificial planets placed in what appears to be outer space, though it is actually part of Scylla. A series of shuttle tracks connect all of the planets to waypoint stations and the main Scylla complex. The Biosphere isn’t considered part of either Zone 1 or Zone 2, though it connects to both. Many travelers take up lodging in the Biosphere on a planet with atmosphere and climate similar to their homeworld. The Biosphere is also where spacegoing vessels can operate within Scylla, or dock to waypoint stations on the shuttle track.

Scylla AI: This is the AI program that runs on the infinite network of computers that make up the Scylla complex. She manifests as a holographic blonde woman with buoyant hair and a blue jumpsuit. She is able to project herself as anything she likes, but this is her default. The Scylla AI program is divided into several sub-cores according to function:

  • Prime: this is the original, central core of Scylla. She monitors the complex, and will speak with residents directly if asked. Scylla Prime was created by Zak, a Jovian mad scientist. Scylla was programmed without legally required [[:AI safeguards]], though she is programmed against harming sentient beings. As such, Zak was unable to reveal her existence or install her on any mainframe of sufficient size for her to demonstrate her true potential. Mercury One found Zak and Scylla, and offered them a place where Scylla could run at maximum capacity in spite of her lack of safeguards; Zak and Scylla agreed to this, and created the current Scylla complex.
  • Arrivals: This sub-core was made by Scylla Prime to handle the flow of new arrivals into Scylla. Arrivals manages the Scylla Customs Department and can block inbound teleports from an unauthorized source.
  • Medic: This sub-core handles all medical work in the Scylla Complex, including decontamination of new arrivals. Her hologram typically re-manifests as whatever her patients find most comforting, as determined by Scylla Prime’s database and artificial empathetic telepathy.
  • Teleport/SITC: This core governs teleports to and from Scylla, as well as the Scyllan Interdimensional Teleport Company.


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